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It’s an admired fact that Kerala is the beauty queen with its blessed greenery and good climates. It’s more beautiful to see Kerala during the monsoon season. Monsoon Holidays has the best travel package to see the beauties of Kerala. 4 Nights and 5 days is the package which covers the Alleppey, Munnar, Thekkady region. It is designed so as any traveler can fill their soul pleasure and inimitable experience. There is no doubt that this package will be a memorable dream-completer.


Some romantic days with your partner by releasing yourself from all the other tensions creates an indestructible bond between you both. Monsoon Holidays get you the delicate fragrance to your dreamy romantic trip and thereby to your relationship’s bonding. We ensure the comfort and safety of your traveling. We know the newly married couple need privacy during the journey. And not will be happy with a congested time schedule and we know these days will be the most romantic days of your life forever.


Medical tourism (medicinal travel, wellbeing tourism or worldwide social insurance) is a term to portray the quickly developing practice of travelling across international borders to seek healthcare services. Services commonly looked for by voyagers incorporate elective strategies and additionally complex medical procedures, and so on. The reason for wellbeing and wellbeing tourism is restorative consideration and wellbeing, excellence, unwinding, recuperation and recovery medications.

Welcomes You to the Wanderlust's World..

Monsoon Holidays helps you to bring out the nomadic soul inside you to see the beauty of the world. We invite you to see the incredible India and its beauty in the monsoon, to hear the music of rain with mountain mist & waterfalls view. Fall yourself in love with rain and get drenched into the beauty of nature. We deliver you the tailored trip schedules to India as well as international travels. We are always glad to customize our itineraries for making our customers happy. Go through the packages we had created and make your own tour or just say to us about your requirements and we can plan you the trips to Indian and international destinations. We provide you with our specially designed monsoon destination packages to feel India’s unspoken awe-inspiring virtue.

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what our clients says

  • “ Monsoon Holidays made our trip a memorable one. They planned and organised our holiday package very well and neatly. We enjoyed this holidays with Monsoon Holidays without any stress. Thank you, team, for giving such a wonderful travel experience."

    - Emily Henderson, U.S.A
  • “ So, so, so happy to you Monsoon Team for this trip. It was much more than I expected."

    - Emily Henderson, U.S.A
  • “ I have travelled with many tour agencies before, but I never got this much pleasure; within an affordable price, a lot of thanks."

    - Emily Henderson, U.S.A